Information on Scheme Investments

The Trustee of the Standard Life Staff Pension Scheme (“the Scheme”) has a responsibility to provide you with various information in relation to Scheme Investments including a copy of the Scheme’s Statement of Investment Principles, a statement detailing how the Trustee have complied with these Principles each year as well as details of costs and charges for the DC Section. In addition, and new for 2022, the Trustee are required to provide details of how it has identified, assessed and monitored the risks and opportunities associated with climate change on the investment and funding strategies of the Scheme. You can find all of this information below.

Trustees review of costs and charges and Annual Chair Statement

The Trustee, in line with regulatory requirements, annually assess the DC service provision aimed at ensuring it delivers value for Scheme members. This looks specifically at the benefits and service members receive as well as under lying Scheme governance against the charges members pay. You will find further details of our assessment in the Chair Statement.

The Trustee, taking into account the independent value for members assessment carried out by their advisors for the Scheme year ended 31 December 2021, are of the opinion that the DC service provision provides reasonable value for members

For ease, you can find details of the Charges and Transaction Costs and the Impact of Investment Charges and Transaction Costs have on your savings here.



Information section

  • Statement of Investment Principles and Implementation Statement


    The Trustee is required to share its Statement of Investment Principles to formally set out the principles and policies which govern the Trustee's decisions on the investments of the Scheme.

    The Trustee is required to complete an Implementation Statement each year and make available to members. The purpose of this Statement is to set out how, and the extent to which, the Trustee believes their Statement of Investment Principles ('SIP') has been followed during the Scheme year. It also sets out the changes made to the SIP during the Scheme year and demonstrates how the Trustee has acted on certain policies within the SIP.

  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures Report (TCFD)


    The Trustee recognises that climate change presents both risks and opportunities to the Scheme. The TCFD report provides an overview of the governance framework, strategy, risk management and metrics and targets used by the Trustee to identify, assess and monitor the risks and opportunities associated with climate change on the investment and funding strategies of the Scheme.